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Offering Hypnobabies® Childbirth Education classes in Vancouver & Bowen Island

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Why choose a natural, easier birth using Hypnobabies?

The Amazing Benefits:

  • Fear and pain are minimized or eliminated. Medical grade hypno-anesthesia works!
  • Shorter, easier and more comfortable labours due to lack of resistance in the birthing muscles
  • Moms have fewer drugs or no drugs and experience less interventions and complications which means less risk of side effects for mom and baby
  • A much more confident and relaxed Mom and Dad throughout pregnancy, labour and birth
  • Your birthing environment is much more calm and peaceful and hypno-moms have much more energy throughout labour due to their total relaxation throughout the birthing process
  • Blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature can be lowered and nausea, back and hip pain is often eliminated with hypnosis during pregnancy and labour
  • Breech and posterior babies can often be turned using hypnosis
  • Last but not least!

    As a Hypno-Mom, you are easily “deprogrammed” from the usual negativity of childbirth stories and scenarios you may have heard or read, by way of training in Hypnobabies classes and audio CDs which have positive messages and hypnotic suggestions. This automatically allows you to have a much more positive attitude and confidence in birthing. It is truly a gift that you are giving to yourself, an amazingly easy way to enjoy your pregnancy and actually look forward to your baby’s birth!

    Yeah… but does it really work?

    YES! 70-75% of Hypnobabies® moms report that they experience very comfortable births, feeling mostly pressure, tightening or mild cramping sensations (instead of pain or discomfort!)

    Curious? Watch this ABC News report!

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