How I Healed My Gluten Intolerance – Part 1

Just over a month ago I worked up the courage to announce some big news… I’ve successfully been able to heal my body and re-introduce gluten into my diet! (This is a HUGE goal that I was set on achieving before starting a family.) If you haven’t read the intro to my story yet, that’s […]

2010 = Major Breakthrough In My Health

Wow, I can confidently say that 2010 was the most transformational year of my life! I’ve been taking some time over the past few weeks to reflect on the past year and set my intentions for 2011. I’m beyond excited to see what the next year has in store for us… especially since we are […]

My Guilt-Free Holiday Treat: Raw Chocolate Brownies

I’m always on the search for healthy and delicious desserts that don’t contain refined sugar and flour. Recently, I’ve been drawn to RAW desserts since they are whole food based, unrefined, unheated and don’t contain gluten or dairy. When I had the opportunity to bring in a raw food chef to teach a Raw Desserts […]

Getting Physically Fit Before Pregnancy

Four years ago I made a promise to myself… I would never again join a gym that required more than a month-to-month commitment. You see, despite all my best intentions, I have a really bad habit of not going to the gym. This became especially apparent to me a few years ago when I joined […]

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My No ‘Poo Adventure

You’ve probably landed here out of curiosity, wondering what in the world I’m going to talk about, right? It’s not what you might think. No ‘Poo stands for No Shampoo! Much to my surprise there is a whole community of no ‘poo-ers out there who choose not to use conventional shampoo. Some use nothing at […]

Ditching Disposables: Diva Cup & Lunapanties Review

Two cycles ago I finally made the switch from disposable menstrual products to a more eco-friendly alternative. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile but I just couldn’t grasp the concept of a menstrual cup and washable cloth pads. The ewww factor always came up for me even though menstruation doesn’t make me […]

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Fertility Food Friday: Organic, Grass-Fed Liver

I know what you’re thinking, because I had the same reaction. Even though I’m an omnivore (eating both plants and animals) I had a really hard time embracing the fact that liver was going to be a part of MY ideal preconception nutrition and fertility diet. Just to clarify… I don’t have to eat liver […]

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