Birth Doula Testimonials

“No words could express how wonderful Crystal was during our birth! Her support, comfort and professionalism made the toughest moment in our lives, seem like a breeze! She helped us imagine a perfect birth and we are so so thankful that she made all our wishes and prayers come true.

There is no way our labour could of run so smoothly without her there. My husband never once felt like she was taking over his role, instead he felt her knowledge and kind words made him stronger and able to endure seeing me in such a vunerable state. The positions, pressure and encouraging words Crystal gave me to get through this journey made the moment that much more beautiful and I could not have done it without her. She kept our hopes and confidence up during the pregnancy, birth and post labour… she truly has a special gift to offer and is such a natural for this profession. We would recommend her to anyone we know and we will definitely be calling her for our next birthing experience.. we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Thank you again Crystal for all that you’ve done, and we will see you in the near future!”

~ Pamela & Brendan Cooper
Fort Langley, BC – November 2010

I received this heart warming message from Pamela on Jackson’s 1st birthday:

“I thought I’d write you a little note and just let you know that you TOTALLY inspired me, made my birth so beautiful that it changed my whole life and soul…so much that I have just become a Doula.” ❤

Hypno-Doula Testimonials

Crystal’s Hypno-Doula care was great. We decided to incorporate a doula into our birth plan late in my pregnancy and spoke with Crystal just a few weeks before my guess date. I felt comfortable with her immediately. It was clear to me through our phone interactions and our meeting that Crystal is attentive, supportive, and knowledgeable. When it did come time for our beautiful baby’s arrival we could not have asked for more from Crystal in her Hypno-Doula role. Crystal provided me with unwavering support as well as the space to do exactly as I saw fit in the almost 24 hours she spent with my partner and I in our home and at the hospital. Crystal has such a comforting approach to pregnancy and birth and I am grateful for all the support she provided to us during an amazing time in our family’s life.

~ Michelle & Nolan
Vancouver, BC – April 2011
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