Gluten Intolerance / Celiac Disease Testimonial


“I started working with Crystal Di Domizio after I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I also have Arterial Disease, so the additional dietary challenge I was faced with was overwhelming for me. Through my son, I was very fortunate to be introduced to Crystal and our journey together has begun.

Crystal was kind enough to come to our home for our first visit. I cannot begin to tell you how patient and kind she was with my many, many questions and concerns. I was not only concerned about the gluten-free diet for Celiac Disease, but at the same time I wanted to make sure that I didn’t compromise my nutritional intake where my Arterial Disease was concerned. Crystal was very knowledgeable in all avenues of nutrition and she, herself, having Celiac Disease gave me a wealth of information to start my journey.

As I suffer from Dermatitis Herpetiformis (which is the skin manifestation of Celiac Disease) Crystal also gave me ideas to consider regarding hair and skin care products in addition to a gluten-free diet plan to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. (You would not believe all the products that contain wheat!)

After our initial appointment, we followed up two weeks later with a phone consultation and again I had a new list of questions. I cannot express enough Crystal’s patience and genuine concern with my well being. I am now going forward with this new challenge in my life with confidence that I can conquer this. It is so much easier when you can sit down with someone who “truly” understands your problem.

My husband and I have cleaned out our cupboards and hopefully, have rid our home of any and all gluten and wheat products. Crystal also provides the service of coming to your home and going through your cupboards and helping you to eliminate the things you can no longer have. She wants to make sure that your home is your absolute “Safe Place”. What an added compliment to her practice.

Once again I want to emphasize what a wonderful, positive, and most importantly, knowledgeable Nutritionist that Crystal Di Domizio is. Crystal is truly a gift that has come into my life and I look forward to our continued journey together.”

Sincerely, Bev McCartney
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