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Sports Nutrition Testimonial


“In the summer of 2007, I made a record-breaking attempt to inline skate 10,000 kilometers from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia. I was extremely fortunate to have Crystal Di Domizio’s support during my venture as my personal Holistic Nutritionist. Even though my body faced relentless punishment everyday for four months straight, I credit the ease of recovery each day to my nutritional intake.

As an athlete, I understand the importance of the role which nutrition plays on your body and health. Crystal was able to give me the guidance and teach me how to properly approach the challenge of implementing the necessary changes to remain healthy throughout my trek. I expected to struggle with my diet since I was confined to a small motor-home vehicle for the entire duration. However, the recommendations that Crystal gave me were so powerful, yet easy to implement.

Crystal not only taught me what I should be eating, but she also showed me how and where to find the highest quality dairy products, fats, oils, meats and grains. From sprouted-grain bagels to raw milk cheese, Crystal guided me along a nutritional journey, which allowed me to endure the most physically demanding challenge of my life. Her services are invaluable and played a direct relation to my success. I cannot thank her enough.”

~ Rich Ralph

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