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“Dear Friends,

Crystal has been a corner stone to my personal development. For the last several years there have been many defining moments in my life that have led me down what I feel has been a road of positive self development; my own personal evolution. Quitting smoking, increased exercise, choice of social groups etc. have all been conscious choices that have helped me along the way. The time came that I felt strongly that I needed the aid of a Professional to assist me with my eating habits. I live a very busy life as an entrepreneur and rarely find the time to plan meals, research positive food choices or to understand what exactly is going into my body.

After my Mothers experience with Crystal in implementing a Gluten-free lifestyle, due to her recently diagnosed Celiac Disease, I was certain this was who was going to help me. It was not a regimented diet plan nor did it cause me guilt or stress, it was as simple as recommending substitutions for foods I am already eating. These suggestions along with continual consulting on recipes, buying practices, strategies to make meal planning easy and several other “pro-tips” made the process of eating better extremely simple. It takes zero “will power” to work with Crystal. It is enjoyable to work with someone who is helping you reach your potential as a human being.

The result of working with Crystal for me was increased energy, especially during the middle of the day when fatigue used to set in and I found an ability to eat intuitively or instinctively. This was amazing to me! After a couple of visits with Crystal I would pass a fast food restaurant at lunch time when hungry and instead of justifying it with my busy day and my hunger pang, I would be turned off by the idea, so much so that my body would tighten up and I would cringe a little, honestly. I would seek something fresh and natural and consequently I would be happy to find the time to make my own lunch for work the night before whereas before I would just be too tired. This was the feeling I think I was in search for prior to meeting with Crystal, eating healthy and being genuinely happy and proud to be doing so. The final result which was a byproduct of eating holistically was weight loss. Without trying and without decreasing portion sizes and without hunger pangs or the stresses of a diet I continually lost weight. I went from 237lbs to 221lbs in a matter of 3 months. I know this is not the focus of Crystal’s services but it was certainly a welcome result.

After seeing my enthusiasm for Crystal’s services, my wife who was 3 months pregnant was excited to involve Crystal in the growth and development of the baby inside her body. With Crystal’s help we decreased the strong emotional and physical symptoms of Heather’s pregnancy while giving our baby the best chance for healthy development. This opportunity coupled with our recent education on Holistic Nutrition will give us confidence in raising a healthy child.

I needed Crystal’s services before I even met her and the series of events that brought her services to me and my family (Mom, Wife, Baby and I) were nothing short of miraculous. Thank you Crystal for being the physical manifestation of what my body instinctively needed to reach its highest potential.”

Eternally Grateful,
Scott McCartney

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