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“I originally consulted with Crystal Di Domizio when I was having severe menstrual cramping. By following the recommendations that she made to my diet, I quickly eliminated my cramps. Since my first consultation with Crystal, I have also seen a Naturopathic Doctor, who recommended that I minimize my dairy and wheat intake. I work in a bakery, and I absolutely love cheese, so for me it was initially very difficult.

Crystal has helped me immensely by providing me with recipe ideas (see her blog) and substitutions, such as coconut oil for butter. For me, it is one thing to be told not to eat a particular item or food group, but a completely different thing to be shown how to practically apply the recommendations. Crystal has been able to provide me with the tools and motivation to succeed in minimizing my dairy and wheat consumption. Crystal proved to me that it is not only possible, but realistic to prepare delicious, nutritious dairy and wheat free meals.”

~ Alaina O’Byrne

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