Hypnobabies Childbirth Education Testimonials


“Discovering Hypnobabies was a blessing. My husband and I didn’t know anything about childbirth before we started this course. We walked away feeling confident, educated and ready to birth our first child as natural as possible. The course really prepared me mentally to deal with my fears and turn it around in a very positive way. I highly recommend taking this course especially for first time moms.

~Ginger & Jason, Vancouver BC

“I was skeptical about using hypnosis for birth due to the many misconceptions about hypnosis itself, particularly, the thought many have that hypnosis is someone else controlling you. I experienced first-hand that that is the furthest thing from the truth. With Hypnobabies, I experienced more confidence and control over the birth than I have ever heard anyone describe before. This control I had over myself, my thinking and the birth itself was exactly what I was seeking. I can honestly say that due to the well-rounded and complete birthing instruction and use of my Hypnobabies techniques, Hypnobabies was the reason I feel I had the most perfect birth, precisely as I had always imagined. My husband was able to be fully involved in the whole process. He was my partner through it all, my greatest advocate and support throughout the birthing time. I don’t think there is a better course for not just mom, but, dad as well.”

~Coleen & Austin, Surrey BC

“I have experienced a natural home birth with my first child and am about to have my second child. The Hypnobabies course with Crystal has given me so much more confidence in having a more comfortable birth experience. The relaxation and hypnosis techniques are so powerful that I feel so at ease on a daily basis and know I have so many tools to use in my birthing time. I am filled with so much excitement, confidence and trust in my body that I know my birth will be perfect for me.”

~Robyn & Ben, Vancouver BC


Crystal, thank you for such an incredible course! Both Andrew and I were blown away from the comprehensive information Hypnobabies covers. Thank you for bringing such passion and dedication to this course and providing information to help couples have an informed and inspiring birth. We loved your enthusiasm and belief that birth can be such a transforming and empowering gift. You are really such an incredible advocate in changing the way our society looks at birth. Thank you for helping women to take their birth power back!)

~Karina & Andrew, Vancouver BC (Read their birth story here!)

“We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done to educate us in so many crucial areas. I feel that this course saved our birthing from being something I would have always regretted. Usually you get the right information too late but in this case it came just in time.”

~Marni & Aren, Vancouver BC


What I found most helpful about taking the Hypnobabies classes with Crystal was the general anxiety and fear of the unknown that was alleviated. This is my first pregnancy and with so many questions, I did research on my own but secretly wondered what information was the good or reliable information. I encountered a lot of scary stories that did nothing but give me an endless list of what if’s. I now feel at ease (and have since week one) because so much of the course content reconfirmed what my beliefs have been all along and the daily practice encouraged me to filter out the unhelpful information.

It is also noteworthy that Crystal’s background in whole food nutrition is an exceptional complimentary bonus to the program. She is passionate about what she does and always has links to additional information/articles should you want more information in any aspect of the program. I now feel fantastic and look forward to “my perfect birthing experience” but also feel empowered and prepared to address any “situations”, should they arise. My confidence is in part due to how comfortable and secure my partner now feels. I know he’ll be my voice and my comfort in my birthing time. I am so grateful and can’t wait to meet my baby. Thanks for all the warm, personal attention Crystal.

~Pamela & Todd, Vancouver BC


I was first introduced to the notion of applying hypnosis to childbirth by my midwife, and at the initial stage of my pregnancy, I was quite convinced that relying on various drug-based pain management options would be the way to go for me due to my low pain tolerance, and was even contemplating going with a Caesarean Section just to “avoid” the pain of labour at one point! As you can imagine, I was skeptical about the idea of a comfortable, easy childbirth at first and did not think it would be a possibility for me. Much to my pleasant surprise, I came to thoroughly enjoy Crystal’s Hypnobabies class and felt more and more empowered, positive, and confident about the upcoming birth of my baby as each class went by. To my amazement, I am now actually looking forward to birthing my baby whereas I was dreading the birth in the past! Crystal’s dedication and passion about the philosophy of Hypnobabies are wonderfully inspiring to her students, and I am very grateful that after having taken this course, I now realize that women can indeed take charge of their own births so that they will be able to enjoy the easy, comfortable and relaxing birthing experiences that they could only dream of in the past! Thank you, Crystal & Hypnobabies!

~Rachel & Steven, Richmond BC


I heard about Hypnobabies back in the UK while doing a Pilates training course. The women I met said they had the most wonderful and comfortable birth experiences. When it finally came around to my turn I remembered what they had said and searched the local area for a Hypnobabies instructor. I found Crystal and booked our course right away. I didn’t really know what to expect or how to describe what we would be doing to my husband. All I could tell him was what these other women had told me and surely if it could help me stay calm and comfortable it would be a great thing for us both! I wanted and believed that I could have a better birthing experience for myself than all my friends and family seemed to have with their tales of inductions, epidurals and c-sections.

On the way to our first class my husband kindly informed me that he was looking forward to the class like a poke in the eye! Well I said you might just get one of those as well if you’re not careful! We LOVED the classes. Crystal was knowledgeable and confident. Instilling us with our own sense of confidence over the birthing of our baby that I never knew was possible. The home play does feel like a lot and honestly until I saw the birthing videos I was still doubtful I would actually use the Hypnobabies tools when it came to the crunch but after watching clip after clip of those women using Hypnobabies and having the most beautiful birthing times I was totally convinced I could do it too.

I love the positive affirmations tracks and find them very comforting when I am having a bad day or someone has said something insensitive. Every time I listen to it a different one resonates with me depending on what I am concerned with on that day but it always helps to calm and comfort me. I want to tell the women of the world about Hypnobabies and unfortunately most of the women I do tell smile and tell me to call them after and then we will see! They are truly convinced that women can’t possibly cope without all the wonderful drugs available. (My husband says they clearly don’t know how stubborn I am!) This has been the hardest part for me. Feeling unsupported by my fellow women. So rally ladies and support each other with love and kindness not pessimism!

I would recommend Crystal and Hypnobabies to everyone and anyone looking for some thing better than what we now consider the normal hospital factory process of child birth. Thank you Crystal for opening our eyes and educating us on our rights and options in child birth because no one else has. THANK YOU!!

~Lynsey & Simon, North Vancouver BC

“After listening to the traumatic birthing stories of the all the women who lovingly tried to prepare me for the experience throughout my pregnancy I decided that there must be an alternative way. I learned about Hypnobabies, convinced my husband (who thought it sounded like a crazy idea) that this was the route I wanted to take and signed up for the course. We ended up appreciating the 3 hour session each week, as it became a time of rest in our busy schedules that we could devote to thinking and learning about our “baby bean”. We diligently did all of the “homeplay” together and I tried my best to use the techniques for self hypnoses after listening to the daily affirmations. The 6 weeks came and went, the course was over and I still had a month before my “guess date”.

Throughout the course I struggled to accept that what we were learning was actually working. I had restless legs syndrome and each time I relaxed and started to visualize the anesthesia that creates a pain free zone from your shoulders to thighs, I became irritated and annoyed at the intrusive thoughts of how I needed to move parts of my body that were supposed to be still. I would have sessions where I spent the entire time trying not to react to being able to feel the pain in my legs. I felt that my efforts to have a mind over body experience were failing and I started to feel really skeptical about my upcoming birth experience. My doctor said that he would welcome our use of Hypnobabies (but that he had witnessed it being used before and he assured me, it did not work). So, hearing my doctors lack of faith in the program, and feeling my growing skepticism, I mentioned how frustrated I felt to my husband just days before the birth and decided that I didn’t think the Hypnobabies techniques would work.

Despite these feelings, I continued to practice and listen to the CD’s and before we knew it, we were having our baby! I started to feel the “pressure waves” and began listening to the birthing day CD’s and affirmations. My husband played the relaxing music, lowered the lights and repeated some of the scripts. We used all of the techniques that we had learned and stayed home as long as we could in fear that the hospital would send us home if we were not yet 3cm dilated. My husband continued to time the pressure waves and I remained calm and relaxed at home throughout the experience with his support and encouragement. We arrived at the hospital, filled out the paper work and asked the nurses to check to see if we could stay. The nurse on duty was in shock as we were already 9 cm dilated and I had remained quiet and in control throughout. I managed to walk up to my delivery room (with several pauses as I let the pressure waves roll through me) and by the time we arrived, the baby’s head was crowning and as I found a spot that was comfortable for me the baby started to involuntarily push itself out! The experience was surreal. All of the anesthetic that I didn’t believe in during our practice sessions, actually worked! I tuned out on the nurses and tuned into my husbands calming voice. Anytime, they started to penetrate my bubble I asked them to please talk to my husband and he would tell me every direction that I needed to know. I could only hear his voice and the instructions on the Hypnobabies CD’s that he kept playing in the background. It was amazing, my experience was transformed through trust in my body and the encouragement of my husband who guided me through the process.

Overall we had a peaceful birthing experience, where nurses came up to us afterwards to say that they were so pleased to have witnessed such a positive birthing. Many had never witnessed such a fluid and tranquil way of welcoming a new life, and our doctor stopped by the next day to tell us that he was eating humble pie after hearing what a fantastic birth we had from the nurses on duty. I would recommend Hypnobabies to anyone willing to put in the time. The information provided enabled us to make informed decisions throughout our birth and in the days that followed. We are so happy that we were able to have an all natural and memorable birth thanks to Hypnobabies!”

~Charity & Craig, Vancouver BC




We decided to take the Hypnobabies class with Crystal after quite a bit of consideration. We had a few concerns with taking this course as oppose to the prenatal courses offered through the hospital. We were worried that Hypnobabies wouldn’t cover the medical side of childbirth and that should anything happen at the hospital we wouldn’t know anything about epidurals or other medical interventions. We were also concerned that we would miss out on some of the after birth care info that is taught in the hospital classes.

I can honestly say that after taking the 6 Hypnobabies classes all of our concerns were put to rest. This course covers EVERYTHING! It was extremely informative and Crystal is a great teacher. She was so knowledgeable about childbirth and most of the hospital procedures. I went from not wanting to think about my birthing time before taking the class to actually looking forward to it. I feel so confident that I will know exactly what to do and that I can have a natural, comfortable childbirth. I would highly recommend taking the Hypnobabies classes with Crystal to any expectant parents. Thanks for everything Crystal!

~Mandy & Rupert, Richmond BC


When I first found out I was pregnant, I wanted to explore all my natural options – I wanted to look into having a midwife as opposed to a doctor or obstetrician, I wanted to look into having a home birth (perhaps a water birth) instead of a hospital one. However, my husband and I didn’t have a family doctor at the time and we were recommended a great family doctor that specialized in obstetrics. She had a full practice, and the only way she would take us on as patients is if she provided my pre-natal care and performed my delivery. Having a good family doctor after our baby is born was very important to me, so I gave up the option of having a midwife and having a home birth. When I heard of Hypnobabies from my chiropractor, I was very excited. I thought of it as the one way I could bring in the “natural” aspect of birth into my birthing experience.

We met with Crystal for an information meeting to find out more about Hypnobabies. We immediately loved her, signed up for the course and even wanted her to be our doula. Unfortunately, she wasn’t available for our guess date. She did recommend someone fantastic for us and we loved her too!

Although the classes were long, they were fun and very informative. And although there were lots of homework in between meetings… the hypnosis tracks were a nice break in the day where I could relax and all that work the program required gave us confidence that we would be able to handle my birthing time as best equipped as we can be.

When my birthing time came, everything we talked about in those classes just came together for me. If I had to describe my birth in one word, it would be “PERFECT!” I laboured as long as I could at home; in fact, I think it would’ve been good if we left the house about 10 minutes earlier… because I got the first urge to push at home and had to hold baby in all the way to the hospital. But because I laboured so long at home, I was 10 cm dilated and +2 when I got to the hospital and I never got pressured into any drugs or any other medical interventions because it was too late for any of that. My Maddi was out within 45 minutes of us getting to the hospital, and most of that time was waiting for the doctor to be ready to catch her when she came out. I had a quick delivery with no tears… pretty much hopped out of the hospital bed after the placenta was out and I was cleaned up!

My doctor had been delivering babies for decades, and she said, “I’ve never seen a birth like yours!” She was skeptical of Hypnobabies when I first mentioned it to her, but after witnessing my birth, she wanted to know everything about it. Maddi slept through the night from day 2, and we believe Hypnobabies has a lot to do with it. Again, my doctor was super impressed with how well Maddi is sleeping, and how well I am coping. When we saw her after she came back from a medical convention and finding out that not many doctors know about Hypnobabies, she said, “Perhaps I could be the spokesperson for Hypnobabies!”

I’ve had the perfect pregnancy, the perfect birthing and the perfect mama experience with a newborn… thanks to Hypnobabies!

~Jenn & Sean, Vancouver BC

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