{Online} Baby-Led Solids ~ 1st Foods Workshop


As a parent we have the opportunity to set our child(ren) up with healthy eating habits for life. Would you like to raise a happy and confident eater that loves a wide variety of foods? Do you want to avoid meal-time struggles? Would you like to lessen the chance of food allergies?

If you’re overwhelmed with all the conflicting information out there, this workshop is for you!

In this workshop you’ll learn:

• When your baby’s digestive system is ready for solid food – setting them up with a strong foundation for life!

• How to feed your baby – learn the difference between spoon-feeding purees and the baby-led weaning approach (and which one is right for you and your family!)

• What foods you can introduce in a baby’s first year of life and beyond!

• Learn how to reduce the risk of food allergies in your baby

Bring your questions, this is going to be a fun and interactive workshop!

Crystal Di Domizio is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and mom to a toddler who loves food and eats from the “adult” menu, no special children’s menu required!


“For many families, knowing how and what to feed their infant can be daunting and even stressful. Crystal has a solid, evidence-based understanding of infant nutrition that is grounded in care and rooted in her personal experiences feeding her own child. She would be a great asset to anyone wanting guidance in making this important transition!” ~Dr. Sarah Olson, Family Physician, Vancouver




ONLINE – Live, interactive 2.5hr webinar that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home!
Maximum 10 students. Bring your questions!




Sun April 6 {Full}
Sun April 27 {Full}
Sat May 10 {Full}
Sun June 29 {Full}
Wed Aug 6 {Full}
Sat Sept 28 {Full}

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“I just attended Crystal’s first run of this workshop and IT. WAS. GREAT. Thank you so much Crystal for sharing your knowledge with me and all those parents today! There is SO much bad advice about first foods out there… so much of what you taught is BRAND NEW information for people and so so important. Now I feel totally prepared and informed for whenever the time comes that Sage is ready to ‘explore’ solids!” ~Chloe Dierkes – Urban Doula, Vancouver

“I loved the webinar especially in that I could be with my son at home, participate and listen to it at the same time and with a pdf I can refer to afterwards. I feel more informed now about what baby led weaning is, how to go about it and when to start solids for my little one. Also the importance of setting up healthy eating habits for him for life. I’m happy that it’s a simple process and am getting ready to have a lot of fun exploring whole, healthy foods with my little one. I found Crystal very knowledgeable and helpful in answering all my questions.” ~Christa, Vancouver

“Overall we thought it was fantastic! Very informative, useful and engaging. Crystal is very passionate and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this course to other new parents and go to Crystal for advice on baby nutrition or nutrition in general.” ~Kati Jensen, Vancouver

“Among other things, parenting is a constant stream of decisions to be made about the right thing to do for your baby. How, when, and what to feed your baby is just one of them. Crystal has made this part of parenting a little bit easier by providing not only the medical communities most up-to-date guidelines regarding the introduction of solid foods but also well-researched information to help guide my baby and I through nutrition beyond breastmilk.” ~E. Coates, Vancouver

“This course has great content for people trying to unify the information on baby-led weaning. Crystal helped us understand the importance of, and how to practically implement baby-led weaning into our child-rearing practice. We are excited to try out what we’ve learned, to foster a more beneficial, fun and honest relationship between our infant and her food.” ~A&B, Vancouver

“A very informative session with helpful but non-prescriptive suggestions! My husband and I left the workshop feeling very inspired and encouraged to help our baby connect with his food in a natural and healthy way!” ~Angela and Mark, Vancouver

“This workshop offered a lot of great information on the introduction of solids for babies. While breast feeding came naturally to me, the thought of introducing solids made me quite anxious. I had so many questions about what and how much my daughter should eat. Crystal allayed my fears with helpful information. I am now excited to start the exciting ‘solids journey’ with my daughter at her own pace!” ~Charlotte, Vancouver

“This workshop provided thorough content for parents looking to find a feeding approach that is relatively ‘easy’, intuitive and traditional yet current (in terms of research). Crystal provides personal experience along with researched information. I would recommend Crystal and appreciate her special ‘talent’ for making people feel comfortable and accepted no matter where they are at.” ~Christina Zvicer, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Vancouver

“A great class! It is so important to help your baby have a healthy digestive system. With Crystal’s guidance I feel confident about when and how to introduce solid foods to my son. I would highly recommend this workshop to all new parents.” ~Dasha Kuvarzina, Vancouver

“Since attending Crystal’s workshop I feel more empowered to feed my baby in a baby led way. We started solids yesterday and I felt secure in that I was offering appropriate food and that my baby would eat as much as she needed at that time. It takes a great deal of stress out of the equation when I can allow myself not to manage how much she is eating and focus on what I am offering. So far we’ve had success with roasted carrots and raw cucumber. Each day I am excited by the new things I can offer her, it’s as much an adventure for us as it is for her at the moment!” ~Jenn, Vancouver

“Crystal’s webinar was very helpful. It was clear, and concise, and gave me all the information that I needed to transition my baby into eating solid foods naturally!” ~Tanya Bayda, Vancouver

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