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Placenta Encapsulation Services

An estimated 1 out of every 6 women experiences troubling depression or anxiety after the birth of their child. (

This statistic and the fact that I have a long history of depression and anxiety prompted me to research placenta encapsulation before the birth of my first child. I wanted to be proactive and do what I could to prevent the “baby blues”. Initially I was squeamish at the thought of consuming my placenta even though I’ve always been fascinated by this amazing organ. When I learned that it could be processed into a powder and placed into capsules, the idea became more appealing. I could definitely swallow a capsule!

Now I’m so in love with placentas that I’M the one encapsulating them!

I am happy to report that placenta encapsulation was worth every penny and I will definitely do it again for our next child. I experienced a very smooth and enjoyable transition to motherhood. I’m excited to be offering this service to Vancouver Moms!

I’ve encapsulated 50+ placentas and counting including 5 TWIN placentas, all prepared with love ?

Women who take placenta capsules report experiencing a more positive postpartum recovery with a noticeable improvement in overall feelings of happiness and well-being.

Placenta pills are often called “happy pills” but unlike any supplement on the market, it’s uniquely created just for YOU with its own unique blend of hormones and nutrients to bring YOUR body back into balance quickly and easily!

“Placenta is a universal folk remedy for restoring vitality after childbirth, when jing deficiency is commonest in women of childbearing age. Placenta is said to be the only meat that comes from life rather than death.” Paul Pitchford, Healing with Whole Foods

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has historically honoured placenta medicine to remedy milk supply issues and to balance Qi (life energy) after a woman’s birth. The TCM method of placenta encapsulation dates back many thousands of years and involves steaming the placenta with a unique mix of herbs designed to help the placenta be absorbed deeper into the system and to enhance its healing properties. The herbs are not included in the capsules themselves, just pure placenta. This method is believed to be warming and replenishing to the postpartum body and circulatory system.

The Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

(See Placenta Related Research Studies)

The placenta is considered rich in iron, protein, vitamins and minerals, which are all useful to women healing after childbirth… including vegetarian and vegan Moms!

Placenta capsules may help to:

    • Increase energy
    • Elevate mood
    • Decrease baby blues, worry and anxiety
    • Increase milk supply
    • Adapt to a new sleep pattern
    • Replenish iron stores
    • Quicken healing time
    • Lessen postpartum bleeding
    • Create an emotional and psychological sense of peace and well-being


I treat placenta encapsulation as a very sacred process. Your placenta is handled with conscious attention and care, infusing it with love and high vibrational energy. I only encapsulate one placenta at a time and very strict sterilization protocols are followed.

Questions? Visit my Frequently Asked Questions page.

$250 for full pick-up / drop-off service for home and hospital birth in the following areas:

Vancouver, Bowen Island, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission & Abbotsford.

Birthing Twins? I offer full pick-up / drop-off service for $300


As of January 1, 2015 I am no longer offering placenta encapsulation services.

I am enjoying a new life and business on Bowen Island helping pregnant women release and heal their fears and trauma before they give birth – and helping women who have had an unexpected or traumatic birth experience find peace and resolution:

I would highly recommend contacting my friend and colleague Gina Snyder for your placenta encapsulation needs: